Thursday, April 22, 2010

so there's this girl i love and she underestimates how amazing she often sounds.

so here's to you my friend, part 1 of what makes you the happiest in the world.
"flight. flight in general, the book i once read when i was really little about some girl who could fly, the first novel i ever read, the last one i ever loved. That wierd feeling when your gut sinks and feels as though your whole inside is dilated by a ridiculously large factor down the y-axis. The feeling when you sprint at the end of a hugely tiring run, its light flight, like lift off, its the part when you should seem your heaviest, but you actually feel your lightest. like a plane that no longer uses that reflection force or what ever its called. its no longer pushing down on the ground, its taking its whole weight into fligh, should seem heavier, but somehow becomes weightless and flies."

ill upload real photos tomorrow. promise. because obviously i can't take pictures from above the clouds


  1. I love these pictures! <3 You definitely won't hear me complaining if you post more pictures like these. ;)

  2. Thank for commenting...
    I love your blog..what a cool pictures!