Thursday, April 15, 2010

ok so hi.
bit of a rushed post today..a little stressed.
so i got no sleep last night and i found myself at 2 o'clock in the morning wondering about piercings
i often have the discussion in my head about what piercing to get and i can never make up my mind! a little part of me wants my nipple pierced..sounds hardcore and all.

anyway help me please!

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  1. nose ring nose ring nose ring! :D
    i absolutely adore skinny chicks with nose rings, looks so "coooool", haha.

    wishing you a nice day.

  2. Just got my nose done - I didn't even want it that bad. I was just bored so I went to get something pierced. It looks ok? I'm so bored - by the time I go back to school I'm going to be covered in the things, if I'm not careful. x

  3. Get your nose done but only with a ring they are hot as. TOunge rings are tacky sorry has to be said