Saturday, April 17, 2010

so it's birthday today. and the day i hate most in the year.
no i don't have some irrational hate of april 17th, i just hate my birthday.
it's a day filled with the highest expectations and most of the time you just end up resenting everyone.
don't get me wrong, there are some lovely parts....seeing friends you love and getting great presents. i think my favourite thing is getting unexpectedly nice wall posts from someone you aren't that close too.
HOWEVER. the feeling of getting bad present and then having to pretend to like it....well thats the worst situation in the world (besides the whole 'stranger goes left, you move left, stranger moves right, you move right' predicament.)

scratch above!
i was just called downstairs by a friend who had set up a massive pillow fort with every kind of delicious cupcake she could make underneath. if that wasn't enough she read the list of things that i want on my blog and got me everything! i am still in awe.
it. was. amazing.

...maybe this birthday will be different

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