Wednesday, March 3, 2010

usually i despise these 'who would you invite to dinner' questions but in the instance of being deathly bored, I took some time to think about it...

I tried to narrow it down to 5..and then 6...and then 7.

ok here it goes..hold your breath.

zach braff-not only is he brilliantly funny, he gave us the genius that is garden state, he has awesome taste in music, he's rather adorable looking and of course, he's jewish. we would scream into the infinite abyss whilst eating challah. perfect.

will ferrell-because he's will ferrel..any questions?

anthony keidas- because he's the best looking 47 year old i've ever seen...i would go there. oh yeah and the chilli peppers are rather excellent.

dita von teese-she's ridiculously sexy...thats mainly it.

kim deal- the dandy warhols sang "here's what i feel, just want a girl as cool as kim deal." so so true.

sid vicious and nancy spungen- ok technically this is two people but im classifying it as one. these two had ridiculous chemistry...even if sid probably did kill her. true punk royalty. plus they'd probably fuck shit up at the dinner party.

god that was hard. i feel like i've just insulted the rest of the world by leaving them out of this fabulous dinner party. sorry debbie harry, jimii hendrixx, alex chung, vivienne westwood and johnny ramone...maybe next week?

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