Monday, March 29, 2010

hit camberwell market yesterday, and got a fairly sweet looking dress. however when it came to cutting it the perfect length i found myself in quite the rush. take this as a lesson people, do not attempt DIY whilst your mind is on other things.
the hem turned out as crooked as rihanna's haircut. so after some careful deliberation i made it into a top.
high five for improvisation.
it's also amazing how much of my life revolves around food.
eat to live..i don't think so honey. live to eat, yeh that's more like it


  1. thanks for the comment and following me. i'm glad i checked your blog out its awesome and the pictures are great. i'll be sure to follow you in return<3

  2. jellybeans are theee best.
    and I love these photos. great blog!

  3. awesome photos

  4. Mmmmm I want to eat those jelly beans!

  5. I moved to Melbourne from Adelaide! Where is this hotspot of a market it looks amazing!

    Love the photos and your blog. Now following!