Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my bucket list. carefully selected.

1. Kiss a movie star
2. Swim with a dolphin
3. Take the next taxi to the airport and catch the next plane to anywhere
4. Run a marathon
5. Love your body
6. Travel from coast to coast across Australia
7. Own a tailor made suit
8. Do something you fear
9. Do stand up comedy
10. Bungee jump
11. Eat something you’ve caught
12. Sky dive
13. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
14. Live like a celebrity for the weekend
15. Make fire without matches
16. Teach someone to read
17. Watch a lunar eclipse
18. Have your portrait painted
19. Brew your own beer
20. Go to the opening night of the ballet
21. Buy cowboy boots in Nashville
22. Be an extra in a film
23. Become the next internet phenomenon
24. Walk the red carpet
25. Grow a moustache
26. Be able to take compliments
27. Shower under a waterfall
28. Fall in love in Paris
29. Break up in Rome
30. Sit for a day in the gallery of Parliament House
31. Go to the film festival in Cannes
32. Spend a night in a haunted house
33. Write a song
34. Read a book in one sitting
35. Go to the World Cup Final
36. Visit Gallipoli
37. Have a white Christmas in Lapland
38. Grow your hair long
39. Hug a stranger everyday for a week
40. Go white-water rafting
41. Dance in Grand Central Station
42. Score a hole in one
43. Talk to a stranger on the bus
44. Ride a motorcycle on the open road
45. Learn to juggle
46. Collect something pointless
47. Own a convertible
48. Play air guitar on the steps of Madison Square Garden
49. Learn to fly a helicopter
50. Yodel on a Swiss mountain
51. Drive the Monaco GP on a Vesper
52. See all of Billy Wilder’s films
53. Join a dig for dinosaur bones
54. See the Wallabies play England at Twickenham
55. Ride the biggest rollercoaster in the world
56. See a killer whale in the wild
57. Coach a kid’s sports team
58. Become someone’s nemesis
59. Visit Stonehenge and recreate the Stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap
60. Buy a share in a racehorse
61. Walk the Kokoda Trail
62. Get a tattoo
63. Sit court side at a Lakers game
64. Play bass guitar in a band
65. Shape your own surfboard
66. Gallop on a horse in a deserted beach
67. Play pentanque in Marseille
68. Work in a soup kitchen on Christmas Day
69. Have a star named after you
70. Drive along route 66
71. Experience weightlessness
72. Live overseas
73. Run up the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
74. Drink tequila in Mexico
75. Create a world record
76. Be a contestant on a game show
77. Go on Safari
78. Become you’re team’s mascot
79. Enter the Archibald prize
80. Milk a cow
81. Get your dream job
82. Fly in a hot air balloon across the desert
83. Shout the bar
84. Dive with sharks
85. Grow your own vegetables
86. Design your own cocktail
87. Ride a gondola in Venice
88. Learn Hebrew
89. Go zorb balling
90. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
91. Smoke weed legally in Amsterdam
92. Get an article published
93. Become a black belt
94. Learn to Flamenco dance in Spain
95. Try peyote
96. Learn sign language
97. Build a tree house
98. Cut your hair short
99. Go to the Glastonbury Festival
100. Streak at a major sporting event
101. Swim one lap of the world’s biggest pool in Chile
102. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina in Spain
103. Go skinny dipping at midnight
104. Send a message in a bottle
105. Fall helplessly and unconditionally in love
106. Drink beer at Oktoberfest
107. Go to Carnival in Rio
108. Gamble your money is Vegas whilst wearing a satchel
109. Catch a ball in a sporting event
110. Ride and elephant
111. Touched an iceberg
112. Asking out a stranger
113. Scream as loud as you can into the infinite abyss
114. Dressed up for a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
115. Ride the baggage carousel
116. Break danced on the New York Subway
117. Crowd Surf
118. Dance with Ellen DeGeneres
119. Sing aloud in a music store
120. Build an igloo
121. Run in fancy dress for charity
122. Go on holiday with no luggage
123. Take pole dancing lessons
124. Go to a bedding store in your pyjamas
125. Get a sign on TV at the cricket
126. Spend one hour in a lift
127. Smile at 100 strangers
128. Go up to a stranger and kiss them
129. Test drive a car you can’t afford
130. Save someone’s life.

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