Saturday, March 27, 2010

ah fuck yes, new camera.
a little bit on the frowning side at the moment. i can no longer go to the apollo bay music festival because my grandpa is having heart surgery. and i would be completely happy to support and have feelings of grief for him, however him and my grandma are the evil dictators of the world. and i know that sounds horrible, but you try having sympathy for someone that said to you that you "need have an attitude problem", that you "have anger management problems", that you "need better parenting", oh and my personal favourite "that you're the only granchild that we can't have a relationship with."
i personally think my feelings are completely justified...
sorry about the rant!
anyway i'm getting delicious dumplings today and i'm sure with a full belly, i'll be extremely happy.
can't wait to post new pictures!
love love xx

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